Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shasta Park...

 The Art Rocha Playground is in Shasta Park. Art's friends and family must have loved him a bunch to build a playground with his name on it.

Shasta Park has really steep sides because it is a flood control park.
In my town a lot of the parks are shaped like bowls and the rain drains to them to keep us from flooding.

This is the drain in the middle of the park. It drains to the river so don't dump bad stuff in it.
 The Playground is really cool and has a rope jungle gym that looks like a Space Spider Web.

 Aria's shoes kept coming off but she had so much fun she didn't notice.
Look dad! Look!
 This is the first time I saw a swing like this. It's like a sofa!
 Dad liked it and read his Kindle while we played.
Ari liked the little kid side of the playground most and dad liked how close it was to the big kids side.
I liked the spiderweb the best but didn't like there wasn't a bathroom.
Dad liked the swing sofa and Aria was happy to be running.

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  1. Grandma likes the Sofa Swings also. What a great way to relax after playing on the really cool spider web!!!